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Unlock new markets and build collaborative

teams with Excel Linguistics customized solutions.


Excel Linguistics is an expert, full-service linguistics firm specializing in these niche business sectors: software and technology, marketing, international nonprofits, manufacturing, and labor organizations. Our niche focus allows us to deliver exceptional results with unparalleled service using customized solutions and subject-matter expertise to fit your unique business situation.
Research shows diverse companies are disruptive companies with the ability to drive innovation and do more, faster. It’s clear that diversity brings value and to succeed in a global, multicultural marketplace there must also be a focus on communication, understanding and collaboration. This is where our elite linguistic teams make a difference. Excel brings you high quality, intelligent linguistic partners, and cutting-edge technology, so your company can embrace diversity and expand successfully across the many languages and cultures in your marketplace.




Excel Linguistics facilitates in-person, interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation services using an expert global linguists network, a partner approach, and leading technology. Our screened professional interpreters are ready to help make your next multilingual event a success for all in attendance, regardless of the language they speak.


Our team translates major world languages so your team can work together collaboratively and effectively, supporting the regional bases that matter to your business. Using a custom linguistics team, your workforce can communicate clearly within the department, across the organization, and with your important global partners and audiences.

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  • Customized Language Solutions: We prioritize matching your unique language needs with an expert global linguists network. Superior to a single effort approach, our team approach ensures higher quality, increased collaboration, and synergistic productivity.

  • Innovation and Approach: Our background in marketing and software development enables us to use technology in new and creative ways.

  • Quality Above All: Our service includes a dedicated project manager, our interactive methodology, and a hands-on approach to give you our best from start to finish.

"The team at Excel stepped up to the role and beyond. They always provided great insight for localizing our content. Their background as software developers brought value to the project and they were able to efficiently integrate their services into our workflow. Our in-country reviewers had great feedback for the quality of the final translation."


Program Director

Software Company

  • Technology for Authentication:  We use leading tools and platforms for quality assurance to deliver projects on-time and within budget.

  • Global and Native: We are constantly developing our global network of professional native speakers to ensure the services we provide are correctly contextualized.

  • Superior Value at a Competitive Price: We aim to bring value-added to our customers with a superior balance between cost and quality. Our cumulative process and database-driven content leverage our work and your investment over and over again.

"Excel Linguistics always provides timely, complete, high quality translation and interpretation. We utilize their services for translating documents and meeting materials, and have used their interpretation services for trainings and meetings. Their services are seamless and their staff are highly professional and provide excellent customer service."


Program Manager

International Union

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