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Onsite and Remote Interpretation

A globalized workforce opens endless possibilities for talent, skill, and expansion. Language is the key to collaboration and business success.  Our highly-skilled interpreters can help fully integrate your multilingual operation. Whenever you are conducting business in more than one language, our team can connect seamlessly into your meeting, training session, presentation or conference and provide real-time interpretation. Our interpreter services are conveniently billed at an hourly rate or by the event.​ 


Web-based, remote simultaneous interpretation is available globally anytime two or more parties are communicating in different languages. Onsite, in-person event solutions are available for businesses located in the New England area of the United States. With proper planning, we can accommodate a solution in other locations. Clients may use simultaneous or consecutive modality for interpretation.

Our remote services include Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, Remote Simultaneous Conferencing, and Multilingual Video Conferencing. All are technology-enabled services and may include multilingual interactive meetings, presentations, training sessions, or remote events accessed via desktop phones, smartphones and the internet.


Why Use Our Interpreters?
  • A MUST during COVID19 to replace traditional day-to-day multilingual meetings

  • A viable alternative to international events (forums, conferences, meetings) without traveling

  • Secure, reliable, scalable to needs and environments

  • From small team meetings and practical day-to-day collaboration to local and regional gatherings (20-100 people), and large conferences and events (100+ individuals)

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