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Founded in 2012, Excel Linguistics is an expert, full-service linguistics firm headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Massachusetts, Tampa, FL and Medellín, Colombia. We welcome a meeting with you to discuss how we may support any of your upcoming projects.

Our Work as Linguists, Interpreters and Translators

Our background began in software development and innovative marketing technology which enables us to offer a wide range of customizable, technology-supported services for our clients.  We serve as an extension of their organization to bring consistency and clarity to all translation and interpretation projects. Long-term partnerships instill consistency throughout all business document translations and enable businesses to leverage the knowledge, terminology, style, and general tone of voice of native localized cultures in very tangible ways. Authentic translation extends through onscreen text, marketing brochures and data sheets, user manuals and documentation, new copy for the website and digital channels and any other forms of communication needed for the business.


Companies using a global workforce and conducting international business can grow exponentially. Our services assist them with becoming successful multilingual organizations to effectively communicate with employees, vendors, strategic partners, and customers from around the world. Our unique, proven approach includes a global network of expert, native linguists and social and culture researchers. Our team is different than many other linguistics firms because our team members also have a strong business acumen. Our niche focus allows us to deliver exceptional results with unparalleled service using customized solutions and subject-matter expertise to fit your unique business situation.

We are proud to use our platform to support and give back to our communities.

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