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Full-Service Linguistic Support

Full-Service Linguistic Support includes a top-down approach to gain a big picture of the multilingual needs of your organization’s key departments. Your dedicated project manager will design a custom, client-centric solution for your unique business needs. We convene a team of linguists and social and cultural researchers with experience working in your industry. Our authenticated process guarantees the highest, most consistent level of translation across websites, user manuals, sales presentations, mobile/desktop applications, datasheets, and product marketing. All our work is enhanced by industry-leading software and platforms.

  • Multilingual desktop publishing and document formatting

  • Includes volume discounts, translation style guides and glossaries, multi-language support, quality assurance, and an interactive review process


Website and Software Application Localization

There are more than 4.5 billion Internet users in the world and fewer than 25 percent are native English speakers.  Your company has invested countless hours and significant capital to optimize your website and products. Don’t let the marketing and communication about these investments get lost in translation.  Excel Linguistics offers highly specialized solutions for website and software application localization.  Our translation services include a global team of native translators with the proper background to match your business. Our work is authenticated by industry-leading software and platforms to guarantee your website and application content is properly localized for the specific regions you target.


Verified Document Translation

Clarity and accuracy are the most important outcomes in any translation process. Anything less can lead to a multitude of business problems and miscommunication.  Our global teams provide an authenticated translation of your important business documents. From a PDF for employee training, to a multi-page marketing brochure for a new international market, to a sales presentation for an overseas trade show, and just about any other content and file type, the Excel Linguistics team delivers exceptional results within time and budget.

  • The most common languages we work with include Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, and German.

  • Any marketing, training, legal or product support document that needs to be in another language

  • Any format (paper, digital, PDF, mobile device, desktop, or cloud base information) that needs to be in another language. File types include PDFs, InDesign, Photoshop, .docx, .pptx, and many more.

  • Machine translation and other CAT applications facilitate the handling of logistical processes during translation. Technology only aids the translators.

  • We provide full service to accurately duplicate into the target language(s), the concepts and intent of the written material as well as its graphic components to preserve the original design.

  • Standard and rush turnaround times to meet your deadlines

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